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Mach1 is based in the Saint Etienne region, in France, the historic heart of cycling and bicycles. The company has specialised in the production of spokes and nipples since 1937 and began making rims in 1996. Mach1 added its savoir-faire in the design and production of machines for assembling wheels and producing wheel components to its already rich experience in the production of wheel components. These are two complementaryskills which have, over the years, built the Mach1 image as a manufacturer of reliable and highly performing components at competitive prices.

Our clients appreciate this reliability and sense of service. Mach1 products enable them to offer robust, lightweight, easy to assemble and aesthetic products to millions of cyclists throughout Europe and the entire world. Mach1 pays close attention to every single detail which contributes to making a bike an object of desire such as personalised or range stickers, stamps, and anodized or painted rims.

Our team are passionate about their work. They know precisely the security requirements for a wheel; they know also that a late delivery can stop a factory. From design to delivery, with production the keystone, we use the best technology in order to guarantee utmost reliability in our production and our service. Above all, our team are prepared to put their entire heart into ensuring that you, the client, are satisfied.

Strategic Geographical Location

European central position guaranteeing :

  • A 48 to 72 hours delivery time within Europe
  • Very low transport costs

Production Facility

Plant located in Saint Etienne with a 9 500 m² floor surface :

  • 6 000 m² dedicated to production
  • 3 500 m² reserved to storage

Production area divided into 4 workshops :

  • Spokes and nipples : 63 machines offering a daily production capacity of 1,5 millionsets
  • Single wall rims : 2 full automated production lines allowing to manufacture 12 000 rims a day
  • Economic double wall rims : 4 lines of production dedicated to productivity allowing to manufacture 7 200 rims a day
  • Double wall rims (medium and high-end) : 4 lines of production where final quality comes first allowing to manufacture 6 400 rims a day


Birth of "Rayons Bernard", company dedicated in spokes and nipples manufacturing
The company change its name to Mach1
Ultra modern plant inauguration in Saint Etienne (France) - 8000m²
Beginning of single wall rims production
Beginning of double wall rims production
MACH1 offers a complete range of alloy rims as well as a large spokes and nipples selection
Site expansion, now up to 10 000 m²