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Bicycle Wheels building

The fastest tightening and truing robot with 4 wrenches and 65 wheels per hour!

Wider screen of 10.5".
Possibility to replicate the screen on your smartphone/tablet for an enhanced production management.
Possibility to set up and customise the wheel-building process.
4.0 connectivity in order to integrate the robot in your company's ERP.
New process of wrenches forward movement.

Automatic adjustment of the hub clamps.
Manual adjustment of the wrenches.
Most accurate offset measure on the market.
Versatile: from 12" to 29" with no option required.

Range : 12" to 29"
Production capacity : 65 wheels/hour
Working air pressure : 6 bars - 90 PSI
Air consumption : 5 litres/min
Sound level : <70dB
Weight : 495 Kg
Size : 1,10 x 1,15 x 1,65m
Safety mark : CE

MACH1 may change the above specifications without prior notice.

- Built-in stabilisation;
- Motor hub special clamps;
- Fat bike wheels kit.