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Bicycle Wheels building

Computer controlled manual truing machine.

With this bench a non-specialized operator can perform a prompt and reliable truing of a wheel, with tolerances below 2/10 mm.

Designed for high-end wheel truing or quality check on mass production line.

Integrated label printer to easily apply on each wheel a quality certificate label.

Easy maintenance with reduced costs thanks to the use of standard commercial components.

Range : 16" to 29"
Production capacity : 30 wheels/hour depending on the operator's ability and the quality of the incoming wheel.
Working air pressure : 6 bars - 90 PSI
Air consumption : 5 liters/min
Sound level : <60 dB
Weight : 200 Kg
Size : 1,00 x 0,80 x 1,50m
Safety mark : CE

MACH1 may change the above specifications without prior notice.

Option 1 & 2

Mach 1 manual tensionmeter to check the tension on the spokes. Pedal driven and direct reading on the screen (recordable).

Minimum and maximum tolerances can be set for an optimal wheel quality.

Mach 1 spoke analyzer.

CAS stabilizing device.

To improve the quality of medium / high range wheels without further manipulation.

MS EXCEL individual measurement reports

MS EXCEL global production data exports

DIN A4 reports.